Why You Need a Cornerman: Guest Dr. Jeff Spencer

Jun 8, 2020 | Podcast


Chris and Neal invite to the show, Dr. Jeff Spencer, who for the past 40 years has helped athletes win gold medals, business owners make millions and thought leaders move to the next level. Dr. Jeff helps high performers become full potential players and organizations, teams, and businesses win big consistently and predictably. He knows how because he’s been there – Olympian, sports scientist, artist, author, doctor, father, and advisor to many of this era’s most prolific achievers. Using his Goal Achievement Roadmap™ he has helped athletes win 40+ Olympic, World, National, and Tour de France gold medals; entrepreneurs and businesses grow exponentially and thought leaders moved to the next level. His clients include Hitachi, Nike, Bulletproof, and the band U2. Here’s what people say about Jeff: “Enables the impossible”, “My secret weapon”, “Beyond, coach, mentor, or expert…Cornerman”. Dr. Jeff has appeared in Fortune Magazine, GQ, and The Huffington Post. His most important achievement is the adoption of his daughter from rural Colombia at age 10.

Dr. Jeff Spencer can be contacted at www.drjeffspencer.com

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