Learning from Patients and Clinicians: Guest Dan Nayot

Feb 14, 2021 | Podcast


On this episode of the Market Meditations Podcast, Chris and Neal chat with Dan Nayot to discuss innovations within the fertility space.

Dan Nayot is a reproductive endocrinologist, academic, and entrepreneur, having been actively involved in all aspects of fertility care ranging from patient advocacy to contributing to scientific breakthroughs, to mentoring trainees. His additional expertise in Mathematics (University of Toronto) and Clinical Epidemiology (Harvard University) has allowed him to critically analyze the current methods of health care delivery and help advance the field of reproductive medicine for patients and clinicians.

Today, as the Medical Director of The Fertility Partners, Dan continues to learn from patients and clinicians on the pressing issues ranging from access to care to scientific bottlenecks inside and outside the IVF lab.

Connect with Dan – www.linkedin.com/in/dan-nayot-8b36b425/

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