Designing a Culture of Choice: Guest Lahav Gil

Oct 24, 2020 | Podcast


Market Meditations is excited to have Lahav Gil as a guest on the show. Lahav was the founder and CEO of Kangaroo Design and Innovation, a Toronto-based innovation firm offering product development services to the medical devices and diagnostics industries, helping take more than 200 med-tech devices to market in addition to four specialized pre-commercial exits, including two to the public market. He now volunteers and provides mentorship at Creative Destruction Labs consulting on evolving projects, translating them from the bench to the product, business, and preparing for exits. Lahav uses a Design Thinking approach that he describes as The Cathedral Framework or Cathedral Model that enables a block building approach to building prosperous ventures. Lahav proposes how well-being at work translates into product innovation and the factors that can interfere with well-being within an organizational culture. These factors include fear, politics, internal competition, as well as ego.

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