What it Means to be a Psychonaut: Guest Ketan Patel

Sep 30, 2020 | Podcast


Join Neal Mody and Chris Haydel for another episode of Market Meditations. In this episode, we talk about the public market and interview guest Ketan Patel about fun things like psilocybin and big data. Ketan was initially an ER doctor and then a founder of an integrated wellness practice that included everything from Ayurvedic, Chinese medicine to western medicine. Afterward, Ketan started an AI company and is now doing billing for the top-five insurance companies. Additionally, he’s building other exciting tools for doctors to interact with patients more efficiently in the ER and measuring the best uses for marijuana and psilocybin. Join the three of them as they go over Ketan’s journey, career, and get a better understanding of what it means to be a psychonaut.

Ketan’s Bio: www.linkedin.com/in/ketanpatelai/

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