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Neal Mody
Managing Director

In 2014, Neal founded Zoic to address the systematic underfunding of early-stage medical technology startups.  He supervises Zoic’s operations as well as providing strategic and operational guidance to Zoic’s portfolio companies.

Neal has over a decade of successful experience in the tech startup space.  In 2007, Neal co-founded Ambature, a company which has made meaningful scientific strides towards marketable, large-scale production of room-temperature superconductor material. Neal served as Ambature’s initial CEO and maintained an active managerial role until 2013. To date, Ambature has raised over $20 million and holds over half of the room-temperature superconductor patents in the world.

Neal’s accomplishments at Ambature have made him a valuable and trusted source of advice for other CEOs. He has served on the Board of Directors of seven other startups and has offered guidance to over a dozen more through his mentoring role at Creative Destruction Labs.

Neal is co-host of the Market Meditations Podcast.

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