Company Info: 

Sonic Incytes has developed a method of “feeling” internal organs via ultrasound rather than palpation.  The procedure is noninvasive and can actually quantify the amount and nature of any tissue change, making it far more precise and accurate than palpation by a doctor.  Furthermore, the technology is simple enough that a technician can utilize it effectively after minimal training.

This technology has the capacity to revolutionize the detection and treatment of all major diseases of the liver, including cirrhosis, hepatitis, and cancer.  Early detection of cirrhosis is particularly significant—while the disease is reversible if detected at an early stage, current methods virtually never diagnose cirrhosis until after the point of no return.  Today, there are over 30 million cirrhosis patients in the US alone.

Zoic Value Add:

Expanding IP coverage for additional uses of ultrasound application. Assistance with reimbursement coverage. Deployment of trial uses in Providence network facilities. Exit scenarios with strategic acquisitions.


Seed Round: $2.7M Subscribed

  • Target Seed Raise: $2M to $3M

  • Valuation: $5-10MM

Financial Terms:

  • Capital Investment: $1MM

  • Liquidation Preferences: 1x to 2x 

  • Participation Rights: Standard

  • Board Position: One seat held by Zoic

Exit Scenarios: 

  • Examples:
    Numerous recent financings (>$1B) of ventures developing portable ultrasound using mobile / cloud computing

  • Exits:
    Multiple recent exits >4X revenues of ultrasound based ventures