We believe in sharing our team knowledge to address important critical issues when guiding a company to success.

To support founders, we've created a set of primers that explain how to build a medical venture. We start by helping you understand how to establish the right foundation for your company - the right problem paired with the right solution - and then move into a high level overview of the commercialization process for medical products.

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Problem to Solution Primer

Identifying problems is not always easy. We become accustomed to the way that our world works, and we stop being conscious of the ways we adjust out actions to manage inefficiencies. We don’t see problems as problems. In this primer, we’ll discuss how to identify and evaluate problems and then what to do once you’ve found a worthwhile problem. Read More:

Commercialization Overview

This primer will help you understand the type of information we, as investors, look for when evaluating an emerging company or innovation. Please use this primer to prepare materials that explain your innovation and business plan as you get ready to seek formal funding. Read More:

Intellectual Property Deep Dive

While science and innovation on their own create great value for society, for a startup to be successful you have to capture a portion of this value. Value is captured via a strong business model and a great IP strategy. Too often we have seen startups focus on the first way of creating value, but miss the second. Read More:

Regulatory Deep Dive

This primer will provide you with an overview of the different regulatory pathways provided by the United States Federal Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA has two separate approval pathways, depending on whether you have a medical device/ diagnostic or drug (small molecule or biological). Our hope is to help you understand what kind of approval you may require in different situations. When possible, we provide estimates for time and cost of the requirements to aid in your planning. Read More: