Company Info: 

Prime Discoveries is a leader in analyzing gut bacteria on an individualized basis. Its technology can collect and examine individual samples, store and correlate individual data, predict the outcomes of different potential treatments, and design new individually tailored drugs based on those predictions.

This technology is of major interest to the pharmaceutical industry because the presence or absence of certain gut bacteria are symptoms or causes of diabetes, cancer, and many infectious and autoimmune diseases. Thus, pharmaceutical companies who possess an understanding of the gut microbiome can surpass their competitors at diagnosing and treating many of the world’s most common and serious diseases.

Prime Discoveries has already signed $100 million+ customer contracts with half of all the pharmaceutical companies in this space; each of the rest has expressed interest. We anticipate a quick route to profitability and exit.

Zoic Investment Memo:

Prime Discoveries Investment Memo

Zoic Value Add:

Expanding IP coverage for additional uses of applications as well as finding major pharmaceutical customers; especially internationally.


Seed Round:

  • Pre-seed round committed: $1MM

  • Seed Round: $2MM

Expected Financial Terms:

  • Capital Investment: $500k 

  • Participation Rights: Standard

  • Valuation Cap: $20MM

  • Form of Investment: Convertible Note

  • Board Position: One seat held by Zoic

Exit Scenarios: 

  • Licensing and acquisition by pharmaceutical industry

  • Continue to generate revenue as an independent entity, especially as 5 contracts have already been signed with major pharmaceutical companies