Improving The Innovation Success Rate Through Intellectual Property


Zoic Capital recently held its Intellectual Property workshop led by Zoic IP Partner, Eugene Shteyn. Providing IP strategy for Zoic he led our family of portfolio companies into long term IP strategic thinking and business strategy. An experienced inventor, entrepreneur, IP licensing professional, and educator, Eugene and Zoic Capital help companies improve their innovation success rate. To learn more about Eugene's systematic approach check out his book, "Scalable Innovation: A Guide for Inventors, Entrepreneurs, and IP Professionals."

Eugene Shteyn, PhD, Zoic Capital Partner of IP discusses the importance of startups thinking strategically about IP and its ability to shape business strategy.


David Lapointe, President and CEO of Optina Dx, reflects on the IP Workshop held by Zoic Capital and how it provides specific tools for quickly identifying essential present and missing elements of systems underpinning high-value problems and their proposed solutions, resulting in an accelerated innovation development and evaluation cycle.

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