Company Info: 

Neuraura has developed an implanted brain sensor that is over twenty times more sensitive and accurate than current devices. This technology has far-reaching applications for better understanding and treating diseases of the brain. There is no other sensor technology that can come close to matching Neuraura’s accuracy.

The standard of care for neurological diseases lags behind other areas of medical science. A major reason for that lag is the impracticality and ineffectiveness of current brain sensors. The scanning process involves major surgery to implant multiple large sensors followed by hooking the patient up to hospital equipment via multiple wires. A visual of the scene would not be out of place in in the 1931 film Frankenstein, emphasizing how slow progress has been in this area of science.

Neuraura’s device is less than 2% the width of current sensors. It can detect the firing of a single neuron. And it can transmit recorded data via Bluetooth, removing the need for a hard-wired connection.

Zoic Investment Memo

Neuraura Investment Memo

Zoic Value Add:

Expanding IP coverage for additional uses of applications, next generation devices and data collection.


Seed Round:

  • Pre-seed Raised: $1.3MM

  • Seed Round: $2-3MM

  • Pre-money Seed Valuation: $5-10MM

Expected Financial Terms:

  • Capital Investment: $1MM

  • Liquidation Preferences: 1x to 2x 

  • Participation Rights: Standard

  • Form of Investment: Preferred Shares

  • Board Position: One seat held by Zoic

Exit Scenarios: 

  • Acquisition can be by medical device, big data or consumer health companies after approval of initial application