Neal Mody
Managing Director

I am driven by how I can effect humanity and passionate about building companies that do the same, by fostering disruptive innovation that leads to capital efficiency. It is important to remember that risk must be commensurate with the reward and as a result I look to truly understand the downside on these innovations and how it can be mitigated.

I am focused on identifying and nurturing companies from early stage to success and changing the lives of millions of people. I enjoy the process of inorganic growth and study it.

Previously, I started a room temperature superconductor company. The foundation of this technology is considered one of the holy grails of science because of its pervasive potential impact. This company in its current format has the opportunity to transform how humanity will interact with all electronics, from electric cars and sensors to MRI’s and power transmission lines. competing against the likes of G.E., Siemens and Mitsubishi. I am proud to say that we now own over the half the patents in the world in the field, more then a few thousand claims. If we see abundant desalinized water, in a cost effective way or the hover board, its likely because of Ambature, the company I co-founded.

In healthcare our mission is to identify, invest in and foster the IP process of companies that have asymmetrical optionality.


Core Team: