IP Approach

The IP Workshop

We run moderated off-site workshops (1.5-2 days each) to generate new ideas and align IP strategy with business and financial goals. The workshop includes brainstorming sessions, Design Thinking exercises, business games, etc. Based on client's needs.

We focus on developing:

a) blue sky breakthrough ideas
b) invention development and IP strategy for an existing technology/business
c) business model discovery and IP portfolio amplification, etc.

This involves key stakeholders at the company as well as third-party contributors with knowledge and experience in areas such as commercialization and medical device / pharmaceutical acquisitions. These workshops can be run at regular intervals.   

IP Workshop Follow-Up

Many inventors are overloaded with existing work and/or don't have good invention disclosure skills. Therefore, they often procrastinate with putting together and submitting invention disclosures. After an IP workshop, we meet with inventors and (if necessary, with patent professionals) to help them write invention disclosures and complete other action items resulting from the workshop. 

In addition to the workshops, we also look to implement a process at the institution itself to semi- automate the IP capture and review process. This includes: 

Invention disclosure review process
Growing companies often neglect establishing proactive IP harvesting and approach IP portfolio development on ad-hoc basis. The purpose of this service is to establish a regular review process for invention disclosures submitted by engineers and scientists. The process involves quarterly evaluation meetings where disclosures get rated according to business and IP portfolio priorities, and within the existing budget constraints. 

Invention amplification
We work with the inventor to expand the scope of the original idea, identify additional problems and potential solutions. If necessary, we create additional inventions and relevant disclosures. The task includes patent application draft review after the draft is written up by a patent attorney. 

Inventor training
We provide training for engineers/scientist on how to develop ideas and write invention disclosures. Group size not to exceed 25 people. 

IP portfolio amplification
We evaluate and optimize the existing IP portfolio, e.g. for licensing, freedom to operate, pruning, etc. 


Eugene Shteyn, PhD, Zoic Capital Partner of IP discusses the importance of startups thinking strategically about IP and its ability to shape business strategy.