Ian Eliason
Strategy and Operations

We stand on the shoulders of giants. Today, there is the opportunity to learn from those many people who failed and prospered before us. These many generations can be our guiding light, if we allow them. Learn from those great minds and spirits who came before us. Focus on the timeliness principles of life and business. Find the signal through the noise.

In 2015 Ian helped to found a venture capital firm (Zoic Capital) focused on providing financing to entrepreneurs in the life sciences and healthcare industry. Over the successive years, he evaluated over 1,000 companies, business plans, and opportunities while finishing his undergraduate degree. Within the firm he lead the implementation of new management structure, implemented the investment strategy/process, and functioned as a deal lead taking transactions from start to close.

Currently Ian works in an operational capacity at Zoic, evaluating deals and working on growing the firm. He is a board observer of ODS Medical, one of Zoic’s portfolio companies. Ian is a member of a group of investors and partners who look to acquire middle market companies.


Core Team: