Eugene Shteyn
Partner, Head of IP

Eugene joined Zoic in 2015.  As Head of IP Development, Eugene works with Zoic’s portfolio companies to safeguard their existing intellectual property, determine future product and business development pathways, and file the IP necessary to ensure that those future pathways are clear and protected. Eugene is also the lead behind Zoic’s IP Workshop.

Previously, Eugene has held senior positions at Fortune 500 companies, including Director of Intellectual Property Licensing for Hewlett Packard, holder of the world’s third largest IP portfolio.  He has consulted on IP strategy for many of the world’s most innovative companies including Google, IBM, and Roche Pharmaceuticals.

Eugene is also an accomplished inventor who holds 31 patents in the fields of internet services, media, and medical devices.  He is the co-author of Scalable Innovation: A Guide for Inventors, Entrepreneurs, and IP Professionals.

Eugene also runs the Innovation Principles Blog.