Eric Tan
Head of Diligence

Eric Tan specializes in the intersection of business and science, matching unmet user and market needs with new technological and scientific innovations and directing them as required. He has extensive experience and education in scientific research and engineering as well as business assessment, market research, financial modeling and portfolio building. He uses this to build business cases, conduct technology assessments and build product portfolios from early stage technologies for medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies of all sizes as part of his own biotechnology consulting practice, nTruss Consulting and as the lead for due diligence and associate for a medical device venture capital fund, Zoic Capital. 

Eric also has extensive experience in the medical device field; previously he was a Strategic Marketing Manager for the Vidacare Business Unit of Teleflex, Inc and was a Strategic Marketing, Innovation and Concept Manager in New Product Development at Kinetic Concepts, Inc. in San Antonio, TX.  In both organizations he has been responsible for all early-stage external and internal idea generation and assessment as well as new product development project management and commercialization. 

He has also performed a variety of strategic marketing work for a number of medical device companies. This includes: market assessment, market sizing, competitive intelligence, and market research. Market research includes focus groups and interviews with nurses, physicians and hospital administrators, and ethnographic studies with doctors and patients. Clients include: wound care, surgical products, tissue matrices, synthetic vascular products, emergency care, diabetes care and pharmaceuticals.

Eric has a PhD in Applied Life Sciences from the Keck Graduate Institute, specializing in rapid isothermal DNA amplification combined with a novel color-based nanosphere detection method and a hand-held microfluidic device.  Eric has completed the Masters of Business Administration from the Peter Drucker School of Management, as well as a Masters in Biological Sciences from the Keck Graduate Institute, the newest member of the Claremont Colleges specializing in interdisciplinary education in business and bioengineering.  He also has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a B.S. in Biology from Stanford University.


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