Our Approach

Ensuring our investments do good and do well.

Our investment criteria is unique in the venture community. We believe in deep diligence and review nearly 1000+ companies each year, selecting only those that we believe in.

We see the potential in life science innovation to enable technologies for healthcare product development and care delivery tools. We are also a business builder, committed to investing in strong positioned companies that have the potential to improve operationally, strategically and financially. More importantly, we think about the future technology advancements in healthcare differently.

Our focus:


Medical technology

Technology that has a primary medical application. We prefer technologies that will be directly used by patients or consumers.

Major innovation

The technology represents a 10X magnitude of improvement over current standard of care, or has no equivalent.

Low regulatory requirement

Any technology except for those considered a pharmaceutical by the FDA. We prefer 510K approval pathways, or those with similar timeframes.

Strong and defensible IP

We prefer unique hardware and IP coupled with unique software.

Platform applicability

Technology has the potential to be used as a platform for multiple medical, and possibly non-medical, applications.

Early in the journey

Companies that are currently raising in the seed round or before any regulatory approval but with some feasibility work done.

Sales success

A business model that is unique and has a high chance of significant (~$100M) revenue in less than 5 years.

Experienced leadership

A management team with previous success in medical device startups and exits. We aim to help our portfolio companies start strong.