We think about the future technology advancements in healthcare differently. We see the potential in life science innovation to enable technologies for healthcare product development and care delivery tools. We are also a business builder, committed to investing in strong, well-positioned companies that have the potential to improve operationally, strategically and financially.


Our Team

Our interdisciplinary team is multi-faceted; providing entrepreneurs and founders with executive expertise, insight into technological innovation and market intelligence. We provide counsel to industry leaders in market awareness and development, guidance in corporate development policy and regulatory affairs.


Our Approach

Ensuring our investments do good and do well.

Zoic considers over 1000 healthcare opportunities each year, sourced from patent filings, research and professional papers, partner and VC referrals and, of course, submissions from accelerators, workshops and over-the-transom submissions. From these diverse opportunities, less that one tenth of one percent will be selected for final consideration for Portfolio inclusion.

From the many opportunities presented, we select a small number for review. Of those reviewed, a number are invited to engage with our team, and start our initial diligence process. Then, from the select few which remain of interest after initial diligence, we start the final evaluation process.

At Zoic, we take diligence very seriously. Before an opportunity becomes a Portfolio candidate, it will have several hundreds of hours of diligence by members of our evaluation team, usually over an eight- to ten-week period.

Selection criterial vary with each opportunity, but generally include most of the following evaluation points:

·      Transformative Technology

We seek rapid capital growth driven by disruptive innovation. We invest only in ventures where the underlying technological developments represent at least a 10x improvement in the standard of care.   

·      Verified and Transparent Methodology

We spend hundreds of hours of diligence analyzing each portfolio company.  Our rigorous process ensures that each of our investments rest upon scientific mechanisms which are fully supported by published literature, independent trials, and personal observation.

·      Strong and Defensible IP

We know that innovation translates into financial success only if the innovator can preserve and defend its intellectual property. We offer an extensive patent development suite, working with our portfolio companies to ensure that each is well-positioned with robust IP protection.

·      Capable Leadership

We recognize that our portfolio companies need strong management as well as robust technology to succeed. We look for leadership teams with the combination of vision and experience necessary to succeed.

·      Short Path to Regulatory Approval

Our goal is to provide investors with a speedy and substantial return on their capital. Accordingly, we invest only where we foresee initial regulatory approval on a short timeline, typically two to five years. For this reason, we favor technologies which benefit from expedited approval pathways such as 510(k).

·      Clear Route to Exit

We recognize that our investors can only realize profits after a successful exit. Accordingly, we expect each portfolio company to have a well-defined exit strategy in place which will allow investors to extract full value at the appropriate moment.

Final selection will generally include ability of the Portfolio candidate to create a paradigm shift or advance the state of the art 10-fold; to offer platform IP presenting expansive opportunity; to be managed by seasoned executives, usually with prior successful exits; to proceed with fast regulatory approval for market release; to present a very large addressable market opportunity; and to offer an exit strategy with foreseeable returns in excess of 10x our anticipated investment.


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